Welcome to Bankrupt`s Homepage! We`re a Hungarian indie/punk band
featuring a Canadian singer. Our influences include `77 British punk 
bands like The Clash or the Stranglers and all kinds of indie bands 
as well. We are looking for a label, one that is located near Hungary,
or any other that would take the plunge to sign us. We`ve got some
damn cool kick-ass punk pop songs, each of them is a potential hit, 
so why don`t you ask for our package, punkers? Zines, radio stations
and other nice people are also welcome.
   If you think you could help us in any way, don`t hesitate to  
contact us, maybe we could scratch your back too. Wanna give it a try?

Balazs Sarkadi
Kendermag u. 1
Budapest 1162


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Hungarian Music Page:
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